We are WeCare

A team of business operators with years of experience hiring overseas who are passionate about supporting creators


Number of overseas hires we have made


Year we made our first overseas hire


Your savings on top-tier overseas talent

Meet the management team

Chris Booth

Co-founder & CEO

Tyler Donahue

Co-founder & Head of Growth

Jesse Chen

Director of Operations

Our story in a few frames

We have been doing this for a while now

Tyler hired a VA to grow his real estate biz

Boring... we know, but he hired his first overseas assistant from El Salvador cold calling to set up meetings and ended up making over 150k in commissions his first year

Chris built his first app with devs from India

Much cooler... Chris built the Groupon for bars & restaurants and sold the app

Chris & Tyler teamed up to support Yes Theory with Seek Discomfort customer service

This was our first creator project and the birth of WeCare, and we haven't looked back since.

We passed 300 overseas hires

And it feels like we are just getting started, we want to enable creators all over the world!